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We use humane one way doors to safely evict all types of wildlife in Pickering, this removal method is proven to get animals out fast and keep them out

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wildlife removal pickering
wildlife removal pickering
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It all starts with a call on our Wildlife Removal Pickering line, we'll be ready to answer any questions about how to solve nuisance wildlife problems in Pickering.

wildlife removal pickering


Our wildlife removal Pickering experts will inspect your roof, looking for entry holes and weak spots that can be screened for prevention.


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We can't stress this enough, prevention screening works when installed by a trained Wildlife Removal Pickering operator.

OUR Wildlife removal pickering tech's know Animal Control 

From bats, Birds, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, we remove them all for an affordable cost. 

Our professional Wildlife Removal Pickering staff know what works and whats a waste of time and money when dealing with squirrel & raccoon removal. Get lasting results by taking our advise on prevention, you'll be living squirrel and raccoon free for years to come.

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wildlife removal pickering

The Problem of Unwanted Wildlife - What Pickering Area Residents Need to Know

  For many Pickering area residents, wildlife watching is one of the chief joys of rural living. Those Pickering area residents love nothing more than watching the squirrels chase each other around the trees in their back yards, or hearing the birds chirp at the feeder. But while that wildlife can be pleasant to look at, things are quite different when those forest creatures find their way into your home.

  Pickering area homeowners can do a lot to protect themselves from unwanted visitors, starting with securing their properties and making them less attractive to squirrels, raccoons and other unwanted visitors. If those steps fail to solve the problem, the next step is to call a professional wildlife removal and relocation service.

  •   Keeping Squirrels and Raccoons Out of Your Pickering Home

Let's start with a look at perimeter defense and how it can help you keep raccoons, squirrels and other common pests out of your home. Squirrels are accomplished climbers and even better jumpers, so take a close look at the trees and overhanging branches surrounding your home.

  What looks like a beautiful tree to you may look like a home entrance ramp to a family of squirrels. Trimming those overgrown and overhanging branches can cut off that entry point and encourage visiting squirrels to find another place to spend the night.

  Raccoons are also fond of trees, so trimming overhanging branches could keep them out of your home as well. Regularly trimming your trees and removing dead branches can also reduce the risk of storm damage, so it is a win-win for wildlife control and home protection alike.

  •   Securing Your Home

Trimming overhanging branches and restricting tree growth can help keep squirrels and raccoons out of your home, but it is also important to look for potential entry points these creatures may have already used.

  Take a close look at the exterior of your home and look for gaps, holes and other areas where squirrels, raccoons and other pests could have entered your home. Baby squirrels can squeeze through even the tiniest of spaces, and even adult squirrels can flatten themselves to an impressive degree. If you can see a hole around your attic or along the top of your home, chances are that hole is big enough to admit a family of squirrels or even a raccoon or two.

  • Use Caution

If you do find holes and other potential entry points in your home, be cautious before sealing them up. You will need to seal those cracks and holes eventually, but installing screening or sealant now could potentially trap squirrels, raccoons and other pests inside.

  If you suspect that your home has already been invaded, it is important to contact an experienced wildlife professional right away. A professional pest control and wildlife removal service can determine whether squirrels, raccoons and other creatures have moved in, and if they do find a problem they can help you get those critters out of your Pickering area home.

  These professionals can use a number of different techniques to get raccoons and squirrels out of your home. These methods are non-lethal, so you do not have to feel guilty about evicting your unwanted residents. Even if you are a dedicated animal lover, you can send squirrels and raccoons packing and not worry about their fate.

  One of the most effective ways to remove squirrels and raccoons from your Pickering area home is through the use of one-way doors. When raccoons and squirrels move in to your home, they do not stay there forever. Instead they come and go, picking acorns off the trees, storing up nuts for the winter and shuttling food back and forth to their friends.

  One-way doors work by allowing squirrels, raccoons and other household pests to leave your home easily. Once they are on the outside, the one-way door prevents them from coming back in. The installation of a one-way door is essential if squirrels or raccoons have already entered your home. The last thing you want to do is trap these highly destructive and potentially dangerous animals inside your home with no way to get out. The use of a one-way door allows these pests to safely exit. Once they are gone, the wildlife control service can create a more permanent solution to your pest problem.

  That permanent solution may include the use of prevention screening. Installing this type of screening is one of the best ways to keep unwanted wildlife, including squirrels and raccoons, out of your Pickering area home.

  When installing this type of screening, it is important to look for all potential entry points - not just the ones area raccoons and squirrels have already discovered. Squirrels are agile, flexible and small, and they can squeeze through even the tiniest of spots. If you screen the attic vents but fail to seal up a crack in the roof, the squirrels you thought were gone forever could make a return appearance in a matter of days.

  Raccoons may be larger than squirrels, but that does not mean they cannot get into your Pickering area home through a small crack in the attic or roof. Installing preventive screening at all potential entry points is the only sure way to make sure the raccoons you evicted will not return.

A good wildlife removal company will be able to help you identify all potential points of entry - not only for raccoons and squirrels but for other area wildlife as well. The Pickering area is rich with wildlife, and for the most part that is a good thing. The key is to keep that wildlife where it belongs - outside your home. A combination of perimeter defense, smart wildlife management and trapping and relocation can keep raccoons, squirrels and other pests out of your home once and for all.